Graham has been a live performance poet for over 40 years. Starting off in the late 60's by reading his poems in folk clubs, in the early 70’s he helped to develop the small poetry magazine Krax and take it out on the road in various live formats that featured musicians working alongside poets. The most successful version of this poetry band was the line up featuring Dave Abrams, Gar Sutton, Steve Fallows and Dave Pruckner who performed a number of gigs and a number of festivals around the country before finally disbanding around 1974/75.
After moving to London Graham continued to perform his poetry in folk clubs, eventually founding the near legendary Arkwright’s Ferret an electric folk rock and poetry band that gigged around the folk clubs of London and the South East from 1977 to 1982. They actually recorded an album (never released, despite Billy Ocean playing keyboards!) although they did produce a cassette that they sold at gigs. 

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After Grahams return to the north he continued to perform solo gigs mainly in rock venues supporting such acts as John Cooper Clarke,  John Otway, John Cooper Clarke, Suzie Quatro, Wilson, Velma, Half Man Half Biscuit, The Animals, Seahouse, Roger McGough, Credit To The Nation, as well as many local, northern based bands such as Bandanna, Hard Lines, Breath, Breeze, Life Support, Stone Cold Sober, Aldo's Orphans, The Goosehorns, High and Dry and The Luxuries of Brian, Foggy, Fuzzgun Sniper, Toby Jepson, Stony, & The Surf Sluts.

He has appeared on "Stand Up Live", broadcast by Live TV. Completed a tour of Scotland supporting the bands Velma and Seahouse, hosted the indie stage at the Stockton International Festival Fringe, performed at MAG biker events and made two appearances at the Festival Club in the world famous Edinburgh Festival. He also hosted and performed on the main stage at Scarborough's International Bike Week for eight days, the height of which was supporting Suzi Quatro in front of an audience of 4,500 bikers. 
He has also hosted a number of all day band marathons and charity events at various venues and in 1998 topped the “Dead Good Poets” bill at the poetry event at the Knaresborough Festival, returning in 2001 to support to John Cooper Clarke. He was one of the chosen poets to appear at the 1999 York poetry festival, appearing on National Poetry Day. In 2002 he appeared at Scotland’s Book Festival at Wigtown, among many other more rock oriented festivals.

His material, a unique combination of humorous anger and outrage, includes side swipes at such subjects as road rage, the Tory party, Hollywood sex symbols, bland television personalities, inflatable dolls, and the inherent problems of being a Leeds United supporter for over forty years!

The video clip "Teenage Sex" is from a live DVD of his 1997 performance at Yorks Bonding Warehouse  that is available from the shop on this site.