Published Works


“A Visual History of York"

Published in 1995 now out of print - A book of photographs featuring the historic city of York


"Leeds Visible History"

Published in 1994 now out of print - A book of photographs featuring the city of Leeds

York Sketch Book - Graham Rhodes

“The York Sketch Book”

A book featuring Graham’s drawings of York set out in a sketch book format alongside the history of the site in question.

Poems - Graham Rhodes

"More Poems about Sex 'n Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll"

For many years this book was only available from Graham Rhodes at his live poetry gigs. The first edition sold out and was reprinted in 2001 - it is available from this web site (click merchandise for further details).

Footprints in the mist of time - Graham Rhodes

"Footprints in the Mud of Time - The Alternative Story of York"

Published in 1996 this book is a complete piss take of Yorks’ famous history - many of the stories are actually true, many fictitious, the game is to find out which one. With an introduction by Hugh Bayley MP of York. Now out of print there are some copies available via this web site. Also if you do a Google search you can find a number of second hand copies being offered by on-line booksellers.  

Ongoing Works

"The Jazz Detective"

Set in the late 1950’s The Jazz Detective is a crime novel set among the jazz clubs and drinking dens of Soho.
Matt is a freelance jazz critic working for The Herald who lives, works and breathes in the smoke, the alcohol fumes, and the music of Soho. When the body of a young jazz musician is found under a Thames bridge his sub editor, sensing a scoop, asks Matt to investigate, to find out if he was pushed or simply fell. Matt begins asking questions on an intriguing trail that follows a series of colourful characters through the streets, alleyways, clubs and pubs of London that is readying itself for the onset of rock and roll and the swinging sixties.
Eventually Matt realises that in order to discover the truth he must attend the funeral of the young jazz musician that is held in his home town of Castleford Yorkshire, where Matt learns the true reason why the musician left the north to pursue a career in London.  Finally during an exciting climax set among the slag heaps of a working colliery, Matt realises his own life is in great danger as he pieces together a story of betrayal and divided loyalties among miners and musicians.

Works In Progress

The first work in progress is his autobiography that is also a personal history of the bands he saw and watched in the 1960’s onwards.

The second is a story of the Second World War seen through the eyes of a teenage girl.