Sam the Donkeyman

60 minutes – 1 actor
Set in a northern seaside town in the 1970’s, Sam is the donkey man, the man who makes his living giving donkey rides.  As he walks along the beach he reflects on a lifetime spent with donkeys, the changes he has seen, his failed marriage and his experiences surviving the First World War.

The Survivor

40 minutes – 1 actor
After the chairman and board have attended their global strategy conference in the Seychelles and the senior management have spent a week bonding in a luxury hotel it’s now time for the junior levels of management to undergo a team building exercise, a survival course on the North Yorkshire Moors! The Survivor is a comedy based on the thoughts of one man as he faces the rigours of a team building exercise that goes horribly wrong.

The Home Front

35 minutes – 2 actresses
Set in Scarborough during 1940 the play is about two young women, friends since school who, despite the outbreak of war, have managed to get a week's holiday together. As they sit on the cliff top they discuss their new war responsibilities and their relationships and the shared secret of their own past.

Going Home

35 minutes - 1 actor, 2 actresses
A play about a cantankerous old lady whose life changes when she is introduced to a young man undergoing community service. Can the inexperienced youngster trust the old lady and help to her escape life on the Social Security? Or is the old lady using the young man for reasons of her own? A play with more than one unexpected twist.

The Roadie

40 minutes - 1 actor
The history of rock and roll through the eyes of a man who carried the gear of the stars. From Herman’s Hermits to the Police he’s worked with them all. Too old for the road he now finds himself working sound and lighting in the end of a pier theatre. He tells the story of his life and gives the low down on many famous names. If you want to know which band fought tooth and nail in the dressing room – this is the play for you.

The Morning After

40 minutes - 2 actresses
Is it possible to have sex with a stranger – without knowing? To date over 8,000 people have! The play was originally written as part of an awareness campaign for The Roofie Foundation, Britain’s leading specialist agency working in the area of drug related sexual abuse. Let your audiences discover the harrowing truth behind Drug Rape, Britain’s fastest growing and most underreported crime with this major social awareness piece.

Banned due to its content, from the All England Theatre competition staged at Scarborough’s YMCA Theatre this play was first staged in 2002 at Indigo Alley The Valley Theatre’s first pub venue. It was then revived April 2005 for the launch of Roofie Scotland where the leading part was played by River City star Jenni Keenan Green. Another version is also available on DVD supplied by the Roofie Foundation where it is used as part of a training awareness programme.


20 minutes - 1 male & 1 female
A light drama. An elderly woman sees a young man about to throw himself from a bridge and tries to stop him. A short play about Scarborough’s infamous Valley Bridge, the scene of many suicides.

The Unhappy Medium

30 minutes – 1 male 2 female
A comedy drama. A seaside fortune-teller is down on her luck when a sceptical young man asks her for a reading, little realising how accurate she can be. An insight into what it must be like to be able to see not only your own future but that of other people.

New Neighbours

30 minutes - 1 male 3 female actors
A comedy play. When the husband and wife owners of one of Britain’s most successful computer games companies buy their new house in the country they also discover they’ve inherited not only an Internet inspired cleaner, but a flock of chickens and an old woman who lives in their shed. A warning to all city dwellers who aspire to live in the country

The Last Visit

20 minutes 1 actress
An elderly lady, left on a bench by her son and daughter in law, looks down on Scarborough’s South Bay and ruminates on her life, the death of her husband and why she’s not going back into her care home. Comedy Drama.

The Bargheest

30 minutes - 4 actors
Set on the North Yorkshire Moors a loan camper hears a distant and frightening howling before being joined by a Morris dancer and Sherlock Holmes and Watson in their search and ultimate defeat of the legendary barguest, the phantom black dog that stalks the lonely moors.  This comedy drama was performed by the Valley Theatre Company in 2004 the Dalby Forest in a production staged by the Forestry Commission.

Midsummer Day's Nightmare

90 minutes -  3 female and 3 male
Midsummer madness pantomime (the version Shakespeare wished he'd written) - a summer fantasy featuring a romantic woodland picnic with witches, fairies, Robin Hood impersonators, forestry workers and Dairylea and watercress sandwiches".

This comedy summer pantomime was performed by the Valley Theatre Company in 2005 the Dalby Forest in a production staged by the Forestry Commission.  Scarborough Evening News "….besides the madcap fun there is no shortage of satire and canny local references".


25 minutes - 4 actors
A drama set over three days between June and September 1940, this play features the conversations of six fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain.

Ouija Board

30 minutes - 2 men
Two men come home from the pub and decided to play with an ouija board – with dire consequences. Drama.


5 actors
A comedy drama in which five Scarborough cats meet in the middle of the night in their usual back alley to discuss their favourite subjects, female cats, food and the dumbness of dogs.


20 minutes 2 actors
Two men meet by the pool in a hotel on a Greek Island – During their conversation they reveal they are both without their wives – though for very different reasons. Comedy Drama.

Silly Mugger

20 minutes 2 male 2 female actors
A little old lady sits quietly in a park when a mugger attacks and attempts to steal her handbag – and then realises his mistake!  Comedy Drama.

Leeds Disunited

20 minutes - 1 male
A Leeds fan ruminates on probably the worse season Leeds United have ever experienced. Comedy drama insight into the mind of a fan.

Sally O’Connell’s War

25 minute drama  - 1 female
It's 1953 and Sally O'Connell stands at a bus stop waiting for her husband. As she waits she thinks about their life together, the war that has recently ended, and their successful garage business.


1 female 3 male actors
Three crows meet on a high rocky crag, as they consider their good fortune they are joined by The Morrigan, a crown from Celtic legend and their own most dreaded goddess.  Drama.

Chasing The Hard-Backed Black Beetle

1 actor - 30 minutes
A lonely anorak tells us about his unusual hobbies and pastimes. As he talks to the audience he slowly reveals his true feelings and neurosis with startling and disturbing results.  Winner of 3 awards at the 2005 Saltburn Drama Festival – best production, best actor & best support actor.  

Four Horse People of the Apocalypse

25 minutes - 4 actors 3 male 1 female
The four horsemen sit around, bored as usual, until the signal arrives for the end of the world. A play that answers the questions what happens when you’re waiting for the end of the world? What should you do when it happens? and what’s this on my pizza? Comedy.

The Lock Inn

25 minutes 2 male
Light drama. A Blues Brother impersonator is stranded in a lonely village pub with one other drinker and where the landlord and his wife are locked in an endless argument in more ways than one!


20 minutes - 1 female
Trapped, a sad drama giving an alternative slant on domestic violence.  Winner of Yorkshire Playwrights competition and received a reading at West Yorkshire Playhouse 2005.  

The Window

20 minutes - 2 male 1 female
A middle aged man with a dreadful secret comes to rent an attic room from an unsuspecting elderly landlady. Drama.

A Ticket To Graceland

25 minutes - 1 female 3 male
A comedy drama about the trials and tribulations of being a Geordie single female with an Elvis Presley fixation.  Winner of 2006 Saltburn Drama Festival.


25 minutes - 3 males
Light drama.  When someone claims sanctuary in his church the vicar finds life and conversation difficult – but when a second person chains himself to the church pillar - well what can a vicar do in these cash strapped times!   

Girl Talk

20 minutes - 2 female  
Comedy drama in which two school girls chat about the unfairness of life, romance, and the universe in general – and who is going out with the school and rugby team captain in particular.

Bombs Away Dream Babies

20 minutes - 1 male 1 female
Light drama set in 1942 as bomber pilot on leave from the nearby air base sits at home for an evening with his wife. As they chat they discover secrets about each other that have deep founded ramifications for their relationship both during and after the war.   

Street Corner Girls

2 females - 25 minutes
Comedy drama. What happens when a woman who has stood on a certain street corner for the last few years discovers another, younger woman has tried to take her place.

Cracked Actor

30 minutes - 1 actor
Drama in which a man rants and raves on a stage, exploring his own thoughts and reasons as to why he became an actor whilst unintentionally exposing his personal boundaries and limitations as an actor.  Winner of best actor award at the 2007 Saltburn Drama Festival.

Summer on a Greek Island

30 minutes - 4 actors
Drama. An American journalist visits the Greek home of a well known British artist, a best selling 60’s icon, but will the article tell the whole truth of why she came to the island armed with a gun?

Susan Saves the Day

6 actors (preferably young women)
Two horticultural students get very drunk and, after defacing the town’s floral clock make a run for the hills. However their plans for escape are thwarted by a group of well meaning girl guides and their best friend. Comedy drama.

Dancing on a table in Montmartre

30 minutes - 4 actors
Set at the table of a Parisian street café in 1913 this play explores the relationship between Claude and Camille, two elderly Impressionist painters. As they discuss the modern trend in art and artists they are joined by a gallery owner and his rich patron. A poignant piece that not only chronicle’s the art of Paris at the turn of the century but also echoes the war about to come. Historical Drama.

Always listen to your mother

30 minutes - 2 actresses
A middle aged actress sits in front of her dressing room mirror reflecting on her life and career and the effect her mother has had on both.  Comedy Drama.

Punch and Judy

30 minutes - 3 actors
A Punch and Judy man falls under the spell of his two sinister, larger than life puppets.  Drama.

Café Thoughts

30 minutes - 3 actors
Comedy drama about the thoughts of three different women, young, middle aged and elderly as they sit drinking their coffees

A Shot Rings Out

30 minutes - 2 actors
Drama set in a war zone anywhere in the world, a wounded woman lays in her house when a soldier breaks in. Is he there to finish off the job or is he on the run?   

Woke up in Whitby

2 actors
Comedy drama set in a police cell on New Years Eve a Goth woman tells of her unfortunate journey to the Whitby Goth festival.   

Potters Field

30 minutes - 3 actors
The spirits of three soldiers killed in the First World War inhabit the bodies of three scarecrows standing in a far away Flanders field.  Drama.

Ghost Ship

30 minutes - 5 actors
A piece design for in-situ performance aimed at tourists and visitors that ran out of Scarborough aboard the pleasure steamer Regal Lady in the summers of 2006 & 2007.

Musical Plays


2 hours – 16 cast (inc chorus)
A folk-rock musical in four parts. First performed as part of Leeds 1993 Bi-Centennial celebration, “Revolution” is a musical play in four acts based on the Industrial Revolution and its effects on the British workforce. Set in a music hall environment and using songs written at the time, many of which are now familiar folk songs, “Revolution” tells story of the farmer workers, railway navvies, miners and cotton workers whose lives were changed forever.

Rambling Boy –The Charlie Poole Story

2 hours (5 cast plus band)
A musical play in 2 parts featuring the life, times and music of Charlie Poole (1896-1931), the founder of American bluegrass music and “a banjo picking son of a bitch.” Performed in July 2003 at Newcastle’s Live Theatre staring Martin Stephenson and the Tyne Valley Ramblers.

The Story of Jesse James

75 minutes - 2 actors plus a band
A musical play set in 1932 a cowboy in a wild west circus tells the real story of  Jesse James. Original storyline and dialogue based on the music and songs written by Paul Kennerley.  

The Mable & Ruby Plays

Forget Grumpy old men! Mable and Ruby are two grumpy old ladies who make our grumpy old men positively cheerful. These two ladies redefine the word cantankerous - described by the press as Alan Bennett meets Mike Harding, their popularity has been a feature of Scarborough's Valley Theatre.

The Ship That Sailed Away

Comedy - 20 minutes - 2 actresses
Two elderly ladies sit on a Scarborough seat overlooking the harbour. In addition to wondering why they came on holiday in March they also reflect on their passed lives and long friendship.

A Grave Mistake

Comedy - 20 minutes - 2 actresses
The return of the two old ladies from “The Ship That Sailed Away”, only this time the audience is treated to thoughts and comments of the ladies whilst they attend the funeral of an acquaintance.

Jubilee Jubilation

Comedy - 15 minutes - 2 actresses
Jubilee Year and the two old ladies sit at the side of the road waiting to wave their union jacks at the Royal Family as they pass on their way to somewhere else.

Mabel & Ruby’s Big Bargain

Comedy - 15 minutes  - 2 female 1 male
After watching David Dickinson and the other antique programmes Mabel decides to look in her attic with hilarious and surprising results.

Mabel & Ruby In Wonderland

Comedy Pantomime - 1 hour - 3 female 6 male
Our two grumpy old ladies get a Christmas job in a local department store. Their incredible journey begins (and ends) in the staff canteen where among others they meet up with a talking White Rabbit, Dick Whittington and his cat, a Hobbit and a halfling, a talking sock, and the megalomaniac wanna be Lord Mayor of Scarborough.

Ruby’s Big Mishap

Comedy - 25 minutes -  2 female actors
Why is Ruby attempting to camp out on the Scarborough cliff top? Could it be something to do with the builders fitting her new stair lift, and will Mabel offer her a bed for the night?


Pirates of the Esplanade

Robin Hood meets the Babes in the Wood.

Stand Up - Character Acts

Each act performs sketches lasting between five & ten minutes

The Reverend Vicar of St Swithins

A hapless vicar so out of his depth he's in danger of drowning these are his pastoral ramblings from the parish of St Swithins deep in the moors above Pateley Bridge.
Part 1 - His summing up sermon after his first few unfortunate weeks
Part 2 - His sermon after it had not stopped raining for 40 days and 40 nights.
Part 3 His sermon the morning after someone had stolen the church roof.
Part 4 - His denial of various rumors about a change in the English Hymn book

Orphelia Bottomley

Possible the worst poet(ess) in the world. This woman makes the poetry that features in the Peoples Friend look positively literary.

Felix Bottomley

The worst poet(ess)’s younger brother – enough said!

Blodwyn Pygg

Definately the worst poetess in the world and self confessed lifestyle guru and welsh temptress. Winner of BBC Red Nose Night Comedy Award.

Baron Von Fishbone

The megalomaniac wanna be Lord Mayor of Scarborough, motto “In Cod we Trust”. To the gentile folk of Scarborough his frequent rants make a light relief from the action of their real town council!

Tom Hand

The man with the talking sock on his hand Politics from a glove puppet? Yes!

The Revolutionary Poetess

Agi-prop, vegetarian, militant feminist, female urban guerrilla talks about her revolution and her poetry.

Lord Richard Ramswriggler Esq.

The last remaining gentleman sheep farmer from Reeth & Arkengarthdale, one of the last remaining Yorkshire Ramswrigglers, especially if his wife has anything to do with it!

The Cad

The ultimate failed womaniser – gentleman, man about town who thinks he’s irresistible to women – however as his story unfolds he’s very resistible!