"1066" - SYNOPSIS

"1066 - Year of Conquest."

A proposed movie about the most important year in English history.

1066 - The most dramatic year in the history of England and the basis for a film that will capture the imagination with its accurate, and bloody representation of the years events. However the movie is much more that a splatter movie filled with gore. It is an examination of the larger than life people and characters that made 1066 the most memorable year in English history. A year that saw two separate invasions by the largest armies ever assembled. A year of three Kings, beginning with the death of Edward the Confessor, the coronation and bloody death on the Hastings battlefield of his Saxon successor Harold, and the coronation of the victor, Duke William of Normandy, the bloody William I, know as The Conqueror .

This proposed film intends to echo the events of that dramatic year, from the death of Edward the Confessor and the subsequent demands of the English earls that Harold Godwinson, leader of a mighty Saxon dynasty take control of the Kingdom.  We see how Harold, once given the power to rule, attempts to gain a grip on the country, only to be betrayed by his own brother Tostig. Banished from England by his brother Tostig travels first to Duke William and then to Denmark where he persuades the Danish King to raise a massive Viking army to invade England, and recapture his own lost inheritance.

Meanwhile on the other side of the English Channel we will see how the ambitious Duke William of Normandy, believing the English throne to be his by right, begins to plot, gather his own mighty Norman army, and make plans to launch his own invasion.

The action comes to a head in September when the largest Viking army ever assembled invades the North of England. Led by the Viking Harald Hardrada "Landwaster" and Tostig they capture the City of York. They then wait for the Northern Lords to meet their terms and hand over the agree hostages. Whilst they wait, Harold Godwinson, in one of the most grueling forced marches ever undertaken in the history of warfare, leads his men from South Coast to London then onto York to surprise the Viking host at their camp. In the ensuing battle over 25,000 Vikings are killed and the mightiest Viking army ever assembled is decimated and routed. Among the dead are five Viking kings and Tostig, Harold's own brother.

Harold barely has time to celebrate his mighty victory when news reached the north that Duke William and his Norman host had landed on England's southern coast. Once again Harold led his army on a two hundred-mile march to face this new enemy on the battlefield of Hastings.

On the eve of the battle we will visit the tents of both camps. We will see how Duke William and his Norman lords planned and plotted to destabalise the English forces troops by unfurling the Popes sacred banner and announcing that Rome has declared their cause to be righteous. We will see the Harold with his brothers and leaders prepare themselves for the greatest battle they have every faced.

We will see the hard reality of eleventh century battle as massed ranks of warriors stand shield to shield battling with hand axes, inflicting the most bloody injuries on each other. We will see the carnage of cavalry charges, and the trick deployed by William that eventually broke the English shield wall. Finally we will see the victorious Norman's inflict their attack on Harold's position cutting him down and mutilating his body beyond recognition.

The proposed movie comes to an end as the victorious Normans gather on a cliff top, to bury the pieces of Harold's body under a stone overlooking the English channel, in full sight of the Norman ships arriving bringing more troops for the continuing invasion – symbolizing the subsequent Norman occupation.

The first draft script is now available.